Um café com Americanos em Lagos?


My husband and I, a couple of Midwesterners, will be spending four weeks in Lagos. We have never been to Portugal and won’t know a living soul. Would love to connect with other Americans or Canadians who can help us get the lay of the land from a similar perspective. Arriving Feb. 2.

The first coffee is on me!

Howdy. There are several facebook pages for expat groups that focus both on Portugal in general, as well as specific areas. Also for singles, LBGT, etc.
Expats in Portugal Q & A
Americans and FriendsPT
Porto Expats
Americans in Porto
Porto Eats
Porto Events and Meetups
All these groups are loaded with people eager to meet and help new arrivals. Many have access to information and forms to help you jump through all the hoops for establishing residency.
As you might have guessed, we are in Porto, on the other end of the country from Lagos.
Boa sorte!

Muito obrigada, Mike. I’ve found two relevant FB groups specific to Lagos, in addition to the Expats in Portugal. Someone in one of the Lagos groups also connected me with an (offline) social group that call themselves The Yanks. So I haven’t even left the states and already I have 2 meet-ups on the calendar and an appointment with a British expat to have my nails done next weekend! I’m loving this community already and really appreciate your guidance.

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Go to North. You will learn history of Portugal.It’d be the best start.

Hi! I live in Lagos but I’m in the US until 22nd Feb so I’ll miss you. There is a HH in Lagos on Thursdays at Le Bistro in the Boa Vista development. 5 to 6.

Thanks so much for your reply, Charlotte. We did connect with the Thursday Happy Hour group (twice already!) and have some wonderful new friends as a result. We’ll be back in Lagos in early March so perhaps we will connect with you yet.

I look forward to it. Also, I jab a group of friends that get together to practice speaking. It’s not like talking to a native but at least we try putting sentences together. Let me know when you get back. I’m on fb.