Translation of I say goodbye to him before I leave

Is the correct Portuguese translation Despeço-me dele antes de partir?

According to the Unit Prepositions 3, I say goodbye to him before I leave translates to
Despeço-me dele antes de sair.

@kareemdjerdjouri, the sentence can be translated in multiple ways :slight_smile: Both “Despeço-me dele antes de partir” and “Despeço-me dele antes de sair” are among the possible choices.

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Bom dia Joseph.
Are you saying here ‘Despeço-me dele’ and ‘Despeço me deles’, can both be translated as ‘I say goodbye to HIM’ ?
How can ‘deles’ be translated as singular 3rd person?

@Rijk, no, that was not the question. The question was if “Despeço-me dele antes de sair” and “Despeço-me dele antes de partir” are both acceptable, which they are. “Dele” is unchanged, as it should.