Tornar-se vs fazer-se vs ficar

All these verbs can mean “become”.

I noticed there is a section on this topic which compares ficar vs Tornar-se and ficar is for temporary changes like becoming mad or upset. Tornar-se for longer lasting like becoming a doctor. But then where does that leave fazer-se?

Thank you

@reececox2000, in the sense of becoming, “fazer-se” is comparable to “tornar-se”, with a more lyrical undertone. It can be used in sentences such as:

  • A menina fez-se mulher (The girl became a woman)
  • Ele fez-se artista (He became an artist)

It can also be used more literally in the sense of “making oneself”, and also of “pretending”. For example:

  • O animal fez-se grande (The animal made itself big/bigger)
  • Eu faço-me de distraído (I pretend I’m distracted) → Note that the preposition “de” is required in this use.