Tip to speed up driving licence renewal - Siga

My wife was horrified to find her newly won (well 18 months old) Portuguese driving licence had expired a couple of weeks ago on her birthday.
The first one took over 2 years to be processed (and this is not uncommon I gather) . When she tried to arrange for the health check to be done at our health centre by our family doctor she was offered an appointment 8 weeks later. So instead she found a medical centre just down the road from the IMT office, got an appointment the following day for the required medical (costing 40 euros). The next day, the Dr. sent the test results electronically to IMT, and having booked a slot at IMT via Siga to follow the health check, she was called into the appointment absolutely on time and 6 minutes later had completed the driving licence renewal process with a very nice official. And the new driving licence card was in the post 10 days later.
Here below is a link to the Siga appointment booking system. [https://siga.marcacaodeatendimento.pt/Marcacao/Entidades]