The Most Challenging Aspects of Learning Portuguese

If you have to speak very precise Greek, by putting nouns and adjectives into cases and changing accents, and quickly, believe me, it’s not easy. Still, you have a good foundation in French. Starting from Greek, Portuguese is much easier for me to learn because there are no cases and many types of nouns and adjectives with different endings. Speaking and understanding are one of the last stages. But if you live there, just make them repeat more slowly. For me, this is the case with English - especially British English when listen to some conversation.Here I think the most provocative part of grammar is the verbs.

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whoa 6 months? I started 1.5 year ago and still struggle for the most simple sentences…I also still ponder about the best way to motivate myself and structure my learning…


Oh my, those audioclips are killers! However, I am so appreciative that the “teacher’s” audioclip is available right there and I can understand it perfectly. So I listen to both of them a few times to try to hear the same words from the “man/woman on the street” as I do from the teacher. I think this will be great practice for the real world (and it makes me glad that I won’t be having real-world experience for many, many months!)

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I think that the variety of pronunciations in the short clips are precisely a big added value. And in a certain sense, I appreciate even more the ones that pronounce things in the same way as if they were talking to a local friend. One or two of them seem even to laugh at us like ‘I’ll get you - try to understand this now…’.
Unintelligibilty seems to be a great quality in spoken portuguese…! :laughing: :rofl:

Thank you - that’s reassuring to me (after 4 months learning, I begin to wonder…).