The differences between Falar vs Dizer

What are the differences between Falar vs Dizer?

When do we use falar and when do we use dizer?

It’s a subtle difference, but falar is talking or speaking whereas dizer is about actually saying something. Dizer implies more attention to the meaning of the words. You use falar to express that you’re speaking with someone or talking on the phone (both of which could potentially be just idle chit chat), but dizer to express what is acutally being communicated.

In one of the units there’s a wonderful Portuguese saying which sums it up neatly: há pessoas que falam, falam, mas não dizem nada (there are people who talk and talk but never say anything… maybe it’s about politicians?)

You also have two verbs for looking (olhar) vs actually paying attention to what you see (ver).

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@kareemdjerdjouri, @Tomas’s explanation is good :slight_smile: You can also take a look at this Learning Note on the subject: Falar, Dizer, and Contar | Practice Portuguese