Tendo - o que significa?

I’ve seen this word enough now that I (finally) became curious as to its meaning.

Given it ends in an ‘O’, I took it to be the 1st person conjugation of Tender. But, the usage in context would suggest a 3rd person singular. And tendo isn’t 3rd person.

I don’t find it in any of my dictionaries… so I’m stumped.


“tendo” is the gerúndio (present participle) of ter. So it means “having” as opposed to “to have”.

It could also be used in expressions like “tendo em conta” meaning “bearing in mind” or “given”.

It would be nice if they added the present and past participles for each verb in the “Verbs” section of Practice Portuguese!


Aha!! Thank you - the gerund is at the bottom of the last page of my phone’s conjugating app. Hence I didn’t see it; now I do…

Much appreciated!

No problem!