Tax Lawyer NHR recommendation

Hi Portugal-lovers, hopefully someone can help me with this issue. Looking for a tax lawyer who is consulting on the NHR program in Portugal and on general tax questions. Would be grateful if there are recommendations! Obrigada! Lena

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Hi Lena, in case you are German I can give you the relevant contact.
Regards, Michael

Hi Michael, I am indeed. This would be great! Thanks so much. Bom fim de semana :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have not visisted for some while. The founder of the tax office is: Heinz Dieter Hünermund.
The office is:
Edificio Alto dos Navegantes, Bloco A, Loja A
8365-149 Armação de Pêra

Grüsse, Michael

No problem! Thanks so much! Will contact him. Best, Lena

Hi Michael, been a while, did not find the time to visit the website. For some reason it seems to be down/ not possible to access. Do you happen to have Mr. Hünermund´s mail address? Thanks again and have a nice evening!

Evalenarix: I found him on Google, but I visited the site and it does not exist. You can try to phone him or find out more info by joining the private FB groups “Expats in Portugal” “Expats in Portugal Q&A” “Americans & FriendsPT” ← this has a lot of valuable files that might help EU citizens too. Viel Glück.

Heinz-Dieter Hünermund
Edifício Alto dos Navegantes, Bl.A, Lj.A
8365 Armação de Pêra
00351 282 312 807
00351 282 313 806

Heinz-Dieter Hünermund

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Hi there, yes, tried the same. Have called several times without any success. But I have found another way to get some advise, but I´ll also check out the facebook group. Thanks a lot for your help!!