Tax Lawyer NHR recommendation

Hi Portugal-lovers, hopefully someone can help me with this issue. Looking for a tax lawyer who is consulting on the NHR program in Portugal and on general tax questions. Would be grateful if there are recommendations! Obrigada! Lena

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Hi Lena, in case you are German I can give you the relevant contact.
Regards, Michael

Hi Michael, I am indeed. This would be great! Thanks so much. Bom fim de semana :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have not visisted for some while. The founder of the tax office is: Heinz Dieter Hünermund.
The office is:
Edificio Alto dos Navegantes, Bloco A, Loja A
8365-149 Armação de Pêra

Grüsse, Michael

No problem! Thanks so much! Will contact him. Best, Lena

Hi Michael, been a while, did not find the time to visit the website. For some reason it seems to be down/ not possible to access. Do you happen to have Mr. Hünermund´s mail address? Thanks again and have a nice evening!