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I’m moving from the U.S. to Portugal and the TAP site lists requirements for everything but transatlantic flights. Ahem, what’s up with that Rui? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Where do I find out how many checked bags I can take? In one place the site said 2 bags were allowed, but another site unrelated to TAP said I could take only one. I paid $100 for the suitcase, and it will cost almost $100 for the extra baggage fee. That’s almost $200! And that’s $200 too much!
I’m also scared about the regulations on what I can bring with my service dog :dog: I called TAP but, considering the reports of Portuguese bureaucratic discrepancies and different people giving different answers, well, I’m not feeling prepared. The rules say one carry on and one personal item. The guy at TAP was very nice and said her backpack would be ok, and that I could bring something for her to lay on, as long as it was small. But what does that mean? :thinking: I have part of a mattress topper (the size of a standard pillow) that can be compressed and rolled up small and carried across her back. Only problem is that we haven’t been out in a year, and she’s gotten old and arthritic, and the backpack is more difficult, so putting anything else on it may be an issue. This will be her last job and I want her to be comfortable.
I could “wear” the pillow… like a fat suit… I mean, this isn’t a VACATION; I’m MOVING. So how much can I wear? I’m thinking like a bag lady… :crazy_face:
Rui, por favor, ajuda-me!

@jroberts711 Personally, I would always check directly with the airline only. And if unsure, I would have it in written form, so you can refer back to it if needed (e.g. website info, customer support emails).
Here’s some info on checked baggage allowances per fare (scroll down to the table and check the column “Intercontinental flights”): https://www.flytap.com/en-us/baggage/hold-baggage

Usually, if you simulate a booking, you’ll be able to see how many suitcases you’re allowed to carry and how much it would cost to add more.

Info on hand baggage and personal items: https://www.flytap.com/en-us/baggage/hand-baggage

Rules for assistance animals: https://www.flytap.com/en-us/travelling-with-animals/assistance-animals

This is about as much as I can help (not affiliated to TAP!) :slight_smile:

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So sorry you wasted your time Joseph. I get annoyed when people post questions on forums without doing any research first. So, before I posted I Googled it. I went to the TAP website. I called TAP. I started a booking with TAP which, btw, told me there was no checked baggage allowance at all (huh?). Been there. Done that. Tore my hair out. I know you’re not affiliated with TAP, but Rui and Joel are. Practice Portuguese actually plays on their flights, and Rui only recently left his job as a flight attendant. I was simply hoping some insight. Thanks for trying! On to Plan B.

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Jroberts, I suggest you consult the Facebook group page for Americans & Friends in Portugal. They are incredibly educated and helpful on EVERY topic, and they have files that list specific strategies and documentation to help with all sorts of situations, from moving (yourself and pets), lodging, social services, insurance, driving license exchange, work, food, you name it.


Thank you! :+1: