Synonyms - when to use which word

rodar, girar, rotar = rotate

pôr, botar, colocar = put

com medo, com receio, assustado, temer, recear = afraid

Please, I need some help here. Translation tell only the same word for all in each group.

Anyone who know about a Portuguese synonym dictionary with example sentences. It can be entirely in Portuguese. I do not need English translation.

Hi, @amkjers! Have you looked at this site, called Word Reference? It provides meanings of words, synonyms, and example sentences very nicely! I find it very helpful! Please let us know if this is helpful to you–other members might benefit from it, also. :slightly_smiling_face:


Olá @amkjers,
eu A D O R O este site:
vê lá a palavra “[falar] (”


Incrivelmente bom e útil! Obrigado! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank`s. This site was very helpful.

These are indeed synonyms, so I don’t have much to say about different uses (at least none that occur to me at the moment) :slight_smile: In the first group, the word ‘rotar’ is rarely, if ever, used, so I’d stick to any of the other two. In the second group, ‘botar’ is much more common in Brazilian Portuguese, so I’d also only use either ‘pôr’ or ‘colocar’, with a preference for ‘pôr’ because it’s short and sweet. In the last group, I’d say that “medo” is stronger than “receio”. Here are some examples of use:

  • A Terra gira à volta do Sol = A Terra roda à volta do Sol = The Earth rotates around the Sun.
  • Vou pôr aqui as minhas coisas = Vou colocar aqui as minhas coisas = I’m going to put my things here.
  • Não deves temer o fracasso = Não deves recear o fracasso = You shouldn’t fear failure.
  • Estou com medo! = Estou assustado! = I’m scared!

Muito obrigada pela uma boa resposta. De agora em diante eu não tenho receio de pôr os sinônimos errados nas frases.

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É esse o espírito :sunglasses: De nada!