Suggestion to improve (or test) our conjugation

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I would have a suggestion to test better our knowledge of the conjugation in portuguese. It would be good to have some exercises with the regular and irregular verbs classified by tenses (present, preterito perfeito, etc) and also with a general mix of everything (verbs and tenses). I am currently learning portuguese using practise portuguese but also through a book and I think it would be nice to be able to have more detailed tests. I am not sure what the other think but it seems to me a good idea.


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It is easier to remember verb-tenses when they appear in sentences.
So I make it this way:
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 170940

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Yes…and this is exactly my point. It would be good to have some sentences and we would need to write the proper tense in each situation…

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@nmarquet, thanks for your feedback! Apart from the dedicated verb conjugation units, The Verbs section is where you can get the most verb practice at PP, and it covers some of the aspects you mentioned. There’s a selection of a couple hundred verbs to drill conjugations in different tenses, both isolated and within sentences. You can also mix different moods/tenses for each verb, but the website doesn’t yet support mixing all verbs at once. Feedback such as yours is very useful for us to see how we can continue expanding resources such as this one, even though it’s a marathon, not a sprint :slight_smile:

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Hi Nathalie,
I am using the conjugation exercises at, which I find really helpful. They are for free :slight_smile:
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Thanks a lot Brigitte. I tried linguno and I have to say that is very practical to test our knowledge! Thank you :slight_smile:

This is gold. Thanks so much for the recommendation Brigitte!

Brigitte, thank you for the linguno tip!

Hi Joseph, will you be adding the subjunctive to the verb groups anytime soon? I love the Verbs section of PP and appreciate all the hard work you folks have put into the platform! Obrigada, G.

Olá, @sra.stahl :slight_smile: The present, imperfect and future subjunctive is already part of the Verbs section for all available verbs. Look for “conjuntivo”:

Muito obrigada, Joseph. Always happy to learn something new!

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