Study Method - Using the Shorties?

Living in Lagos! I’m trying to get more listening practice and I’ve been focusing most intently on the flash cards. People compliment me on my pronounciation, especially as a new speaker. I’m trying to get more listening practice because when people respond to me I have no clue what they’re saying. The shorties have a lot of back and forth conversation so I’m wondering the best way to use them. Surely it’s not about memorizing every phrase…So I’ve been listening for a bit and then reading the translation and then re-listening to see if I can get the meaning to come through. Not sure whether this will ultimately help me, but when I do this I’m getting the gist of it.

Is there a better way?

Oh, and by the way, I’m HandsomeSteve and my daily points are higher than most of you, so keep practicing!!

I think that’s a good way to use the shorties. It’s normal that you get only very little on the first listen, so it’s good to simply listen several times.

I tend listen a few times to get just an idea of what they’re talking about but not really understanding much. Then I grab a piece of paper and jot down the few words I did catch, listen again and add the extra words that became apparent on second listening, maybe look at the glossary to see which new words that I’ve never heard before might be in the shortie, and then continue listening/writing until I have transcribed nearly all of the audio.