Stubbornness and Bravery – Your Secret Weapon!

Member @dwilliams4252 's wife posted a blog post a couple days ago that I found equally inspiring as it is funny. If any of you have partners, family or friends who give you a hard time about your determination to learn Portuguese, you’ll definitely relate to this!

It’s a great reminder that to actually speak the language, we have to leave our embarrassment / shyness at the door. I’m sure many of us are guilty (especially earlier on) of studying like crazy, only to wait for the perfect, low-stress environment to present itself when we can actually put the language into practice.

Instead, consider just facing these small barriers head-on and plowing through them. That’s a skill that needs to be trained like any other, increasing our capacity to put ourselves out there and brush off the shyness (and potential embarrassment of making an error while speaking).

The alternative is to face a future where you’re still not feeling in control of the language, which I’d say is probably more daunting than just committing yourself now to overcoming this beginner’s resistance. Working on your psychology to be able to overcome potential setbacks while speaking the language just is as important (if not more) than your time spent learning grammar and vocabulary, amiright? :nerd_face:

Do you have a story to share about being too shy to speak Portuguese, that you’ve either already overcome or have yet to?