Sentence structure asking a question

I found an old Portuguese textbook for Portuguese learning English. In the beginning exercise, it shows examples of constructing a question from a statement. I am just wondering if this is current practice, or if this is “old” Portuguese. For example:

The statement: Tu tens o livro. Written as a question, the text shows: Tens tu o livro?

This is the correct structure of the question?

Obrigado pela sua ajuda.

@dwilliams4252, we may ask questions that way, but we can just as well say “Tu tens o livro?” or just “Tens o livro?”. There’s no preference for the inverted word order :slight_smile:

Thank you. Your responses are always excellent and helpful.

Just a thought, perhaps the word order in this textbook, which likely is 100 years old, the 17th edition, is written to help the Portuguese reader learn English … hoping the that English translation is “Have you the book?” “Tens tu o livro” just didn’t feel natural.

The textbook is “O Inglês sem Mestre”. The author is Joaquim Gonçalves Pereira. Maybe not the best resource for today, but kind of fun reading.

You’re welcome! Thank you too for that kind feedback. Indeed, since it’s not meant for people learning Portuguese, but English, it could be using less natural Portuguese sentences just to help people connect the dots. Or it’s just outdated!