Saying Hi! and extending tentative tendrils in the Coimbra area


I’ve been living here for a while with my wife. We’ve been concentrating more on learning the country rather than the people and the language but now it’s time to truly insinuate ourselves into this beautiful society.

Are there any Coimbrans out there looking for language learning buddies?
Or if there is anything further afield that’s online and live?
Does anyone know of an existing group?

Please let me know in whatever language you feel most comfortable with.



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Olá, @nickjpark! Thanks for posting. There are at least two online study/conversation groups, managed by our user Jana, that you can maybe consider joining. Details in this other forum thread: New online conversation/practice group - #11 by enchantmentunlimited :slight_smile:

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Thanks Indeed!!

We’d love to have you join us! We have a kind of chatty group tomorrow (Sun) and the Tuesday group is straight conversation in Portuguese. We are all obviously learners, and all levels are welcome! Check my post for the meeting link - same link for both groups. All of us in the Tues group so far are living in Portugal. I’m near Alcobaça.

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