Review structure changes?

I just finished A2 and was doing review today for the first time in a week. It used to be that the review was 14-16 questions but now it is 32-36. Is this a new change or because I leveled up?

Are you talking about the “smart reviews”? If so, the computer presents all the phrases in your review queue that are due for review. Being due is calculated for each phrase depending on 1) when it was added and 2) how many times you’ve answered it rightly or wrongly. As a general rule, if you have a break from your “smart reviews” then you should expect there to be a backlog to catch up on when you do them again.

Yes, the Smart Review. Perhaps I wasn’t clear, because this didn’t address the questions, and I am already aware of what you are referring to.

Prior to this week, I would start a review, and it would ask 16 or so questions per session. Starting this week, it doubled the number of questions and repeats questions about the same phrase two or three times in a row. Is there a bug, or has the situation changed because I finished A2?

I haven’t seen anything change in the Smart Reviews lately, and I can’t imagine that finishing the units tagged “A2” somehow affects the behaviour of the review system.

Every time you answer a phrase wrongly within the first 7 questions in a round, the system will give you the same phrase again within the current round (in those instances the round will have more than the usual 8 phrases).

Every time you answer a phrase wrongly, the status of the phrase is also moved back to “new”. If it previously was in status “new” or “short term”, it will be scheduled to be “due” after one hour.

So if your review session is longer than an hour, or if you run smart review twice with an hour in between, then you will get the same phrase three times: First the original question, then the “immediately after a wrong answer” and then finally the “after an hour”.

Apologies if you have already considered these options, but my guess would be one or more of the following

  • You have waited longer than usual, so therefore more phrases have become “due”
  • You have added additional phrases to your queue
  • You have answered several phrases wrongly, leading to the repeat behaviour explained above

You completely misunderstand. I am not talking about the total number of phrases to review. I am taking about the number reviewed at a time. I am still reviewing 8 phrases at a time but the number of questions per review is doubled.

In the past, the number circled in the included pic was no greater than 16. Recently, it has been as high as 32. This example is actually more reasonable but still higher than before.

The Smart Review always group the phrases into “rounds” of 8.

The “1 of 21” means you are currently at round number 1 out of a total of 21 rounds.

The number of rounds has gone up because the number of phrases due for your review has gone up.

When the number (of rounds) was 16, there was between 120 (15x8) and 128 (16x8) phrases ready for you to review. Now there is between 160 (20x8) and 168 (21x8) phrases ready for your review. When that number was 32, it meant there was between 31x8 and 32x8 phrases due.

It is all driven simply by how many phrases in total are due for your review. And the total number has gone up for the reasons listed in the previous post.

I think you’re probably referring to the Quiz Mode of Smart Review, right? If so, this was a bug, but it should be fixed now. Sorry about that. :upside_down_face: If you are still running into any problems after today, please email us and we can look into it further.

Thanks. I figured as much, which is why I asked.

You are very, very wrong. You don’t understand what I am referring to. Please stop trying to answer the question. Sounds like Molly solved it anyway.