Reading subtitles as a method of learning

Although this is not a plug for NOS I find reading the Legendem
extremely useful in learning Portuguese. I read along with the English dialogue, this reinforces many everyday words and increases my vocabulary. Seeing many of the same words repeated many times helps them to stick in my brain. Another tool from cable tv is the pronunciation on the commercials hearing native speaking helps in a relaxed atmosphere. Finally watching 24 Kitchen network is useful since you can hear and see what is going on.


Try Youtube…….

I do the same … watch films in my mothertongue with portuguese subtitles or better … watch a serial via RTP Play in easy portuguese and stop it from time to time and look up important words that I don’t understand. Helps a lot to change the brain for faster listening and understanding …of course not from today to next week.:wink:


Hey Everyone,

I’m going to turn you all onto something I think is incredible that I found about 6 months ago. I just joined Practice Portuguese a few days ago so I’m sharing this now. There is a browser plugin you can install from Language Reactor ( Once you install it, it works with Youtube, Netflix, etc. What it does is take your movie, show, video, etc and does a variety of things that you set it up to do. For instance, it will take your Portuguese movie and add the subtitles for it. You can also have it add the English subtitles for it underneath the Portuguese subtitles. You can set it so that after every phrase or sentence in the show it will pause and let you read or absorb it for as long as you need until you hit a key on your keyboard to continue the movie.

Another great thing is that you can hover over the words on the screen and it will bring up a definition for your in your native language and/or read the pronunciation for you. It’s quite incredible. I’ve found it to be pretty helpful. It has many other features as well. It’s all configurable in the settings area.

Check it out and hopefully you find it helpful.