Quick Favour: TrustPilot Review

Olá pessoal! We just created a new TrustPilot profile to help Practice Portuguese to help us gain a bit some more exposure (and establish trust for when people search for us). If you have a second, could you leave a quick review? Thanks in advance!


Ola! I just gave an enthusiastic review on TrustPilot:) If you are looking for ways to promote your wonderful service, I encourage you to contact the Portugal: A Simple Life podcast people to see if you might be featured on an episode. It is specifically to attract people from around the world to consider moving to Portugal, and its episodes are all very informative. I would love to hear you interviewed on a future episode!

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Olá @lola thanks so much for taking the time to leave the review! And good tip, we will check that out :)) abraço

Guys, I had no hesitation recommending you, hope you like wot I wrote.
Pat Mulholland

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Thanks @patmulholland, your review is fantastic!! Just the motivation we need to keep cranking on finalizing the app :pray::star_struck: