Querem vir connosco até à praia: why the accent on the "a"?

I know this is niggly, but it is not clear. Doesn’t “até” mean the accent is not needed on the “a”. It seems to me that it could be: Querem vir connosco à praia or Querem vir connosco até a praia.

Não, não tem acento,
“a” é o artigo da palavra praia =a praia

No, there is no accent,
“a” is the article of the word beach = a praia

Well, in the example given here, it did have an accent. Is this a typo? It sure does not seem right.

Fui errada… desculpem!!!

Encontrei seguinte informação:

“ Por outras palavras, é tão correcto escrever fomos até àigreja como fomos até a igreja , sendo a última a forma mais usual no Brasil.”


But why do it this way?

@jonjacobmoon, like @ahnin said, you can say both “até à praia” or “até a praia”, with no difference in meaning. Over time, “até à” became normalized in European Portuguese and now both options are grammatically acceptable (with the first being dominant in Portugal):

  • Querem vir connosco até à praia?
  • Querem vir connosco até a praia?

It is also fine to simply say ‘*Querem vir connosco à praia?’. The word ‘até’ is only essential if, instead of simply describing going to the beach, we wanted to specifically describe covering the distance up to the beach (as if it were some sort of target or finish line).