Pronunciation of: vem, vêm, veem, tem, têm, pode, pôde

Hello, all teachers and students of Portuguese.

Can you help me with a pronunciation of these words: vem, vêm, veem, tem, têm, pode, pôde?
Some of them are really similar - either phonetically or orthographically. I understand an IPA transcription, if you want to use it to explain.

I remember, that in one of your podcasts with recordings submitted by students, Rui was talking about difference between vêm and veem, but unfortunately I can’t find it. Maybe search function in your transcript would help; Does it exist?

Thank you very much for your help and have a wonderful day,


Hi! I think this is the podcast you’re looking for: As Senhoras Que Bebem Cerveja. It starts around the 5:30 mark.


Hi, @matyas.pus! The podcast that @Molly linked to should be the one you were thinking of. The website does have a recently launched global search function you can use whenever you need. It can pick up words from any type of content/resource, from transcripts to even forum posts. It’s readily accessible from the menu bar:

Anyway, as you’ll hear in that podcast, Rui demonstrates the pronunciation of tem and têm and explains pretty thoroughly the difference between vêm (verb vir - to come) vs. veem (verb ver - to see). That leaves us with vem, pode and pôde, from your list.

Vem is pronounced with the exact same E sound as in tem.

Pode (present tense) is pronounced with a very open O, as in the English word “fox”:

Pôde (past tense) is pronounced with a more closed O, as in the English word “over”:


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Just listened to this. Muito útil. Obrigada! :smile: