Pronunciation of infinitives

In the listening exercises, the woman with long dark hair in the blue top seems to pronounce infinitives with an extra -em on the end…am I just hearing things? For example, I’m doing the section on basic verbs, the Eating chapter…she seems to say “beber” like “beberem”…

@jensagres, the videos recorded by that native speaker demonstrate a common pronunciation variation with words ending in -R, which is articulating the R to the point where it sounds like there is a ghost ‘E’ at the end (like ‘jantare’ or ‘bebere’). There is a regional variation to this (where countryside Portugal is where this variation is probably most heard), although not a clearly defined one.

All video examples are meant to demonstrate real-world Portuguese in all its colors, which makes them inherently challenging. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can rely on the audio examples (especially the slow one) to confirm what is being said. Also, feel free to keep checking with us whenever something sounds particularly off.

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Thank you, Joseph! I did assume it was some kind of regional thing - but just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

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