Pronunciation of agua in "Voces tem agua e sumo?"

In one of the audio clips (in basics 2) the sentence is "Voces tem agua e sumo?". It sounds like the Portuguese speakers are saying "Voces tem **e** agua e sumo?"

Is it a general rule that an extra e-sound is pronounced between a nasal and a stressed "a"? Or am I hearing things? Or is there some other reason for this?


Hello. It might be that you are hearing what sounds a bit like a double e because of the accent in the conjugation têm . Hope this helps.

@sociallydistant, the pronunciation of the word ‘tem’ itself has a ghost “e” sound at the end, regardless of the word that comes after. It can be even more pronounced in the word ‘têm’ (the actual word on that sentence), like @davidcowling949 said. In Portuguese, we’d actually think of it as an “i” sound: têim.



Thanks a lot for this. I can’t believe I couldn’t hear the difference between these words until recently.

You’re welcome! As you see (or hear), accents are quite important in Portuguese :slight_smile: