Pronounciation of “a”

Just started. Am I hearing correctly? The “a” in ‘a madrugada’ and ‘a manha’ are pronounced as a short “a” as in “mad” sorta. But the “a” in ‘a tarde’ and ‘a noite’ are pronounced with a longer a as in “made” or maybe an “eh”?

Olá, @sannacook, and welcome! I suppose you’re talking about the isolated A (definite article) in all cases? I.e. “a madrugada”, “a manhã”, “a tarde”, “a noite”? If so, the pronunciation is the same in all cases. It may happen that different people, or even the same people in different occasions, don’t always pronounce things with the exact same rhythm or inflection (plus any regional accents on top of that), but those are natural minor variations and the fundamental sound is still more or less the same: a closed A, as in amigo or amor.

By the way, I really recommend this pronunciation guide for all the different vowel sounds in European Portuguese: Pronunciation Guide for European Portuguese Vowels

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