Proficiency language test for employment

Hello everyone! I’ve been ask to take a proficiency language test in order to get employed in Portugal. Do you know if CIPLE A2 is going to be sufficient? (Again it is for Employment , not for Citizenship). Thank you in advance!

@Zaykyd2020 Many people are employed in Portugal without knowing the language or being tested on it (e.g. customer service agents working for foreign markets, etc). If a potential employer has asked you for this test, I think it’s best to check directly with them what are their proficiency requirements for the position you’re applying for. On a more general note, if you’re going to be working in positions where you will have to communicate extensively in Portuguese, I would guess that A2 fluency is probably not enough. But you never know - I’m sure that at least some employers would be glad to provide/pay for language classes if they think you’re worth the investment in the long run :slight_smile:

Hello Joseph! Thank you for the reply!
I think I got my answer from the following quote and obviously the same rule applies for both students and teaching stuff :

“Foreign applicants need to prove their knowledge of the Portuguese language at a level of B2 or higher. Universities can also admit students with a B1 language certificate as long as they undertake to raise their level to the B2 level. If the course is taught in English, the same requirements apply for the English language.“

I would better get busy and continue studying PP!
Have a wonderful day!

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