'Pretérito mais-que-perfeito composto do indicativo' on Practice Portuguese?

I’ve had a quick search on Practice Portuguese but couldn’t find anything…

I’m looking for content on ‘pretérito mais-que-perfeito composto do indicativo’ verb forms.
e.g. (from my book):
Ontem telefonei-te, mas tu já tinhas saído.
Quando eu cheguei à festa, o João já tinha ido para casa.

I am covering this in some lessons I’m taking. It’s always useful for me to find explanations and exercises on Practice Portuguese for this type of thing.
Is it covered on PP?

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@RickG, a very good unit to get some practice on this tense (which corresponds to the English past perfect) is the one on past participles, which starts with this Learning Note: Past Participles & Auxiliary Verbs. I actually don’t think the tense itself has been directly covered so far, so it’s been added to our list of content ideas - thank you.

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Thanks very much Joseph! I will check out that Learning Note.