Presente v futuro indicativo

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Simple question today, maybe not a simple answer.

I have the following sentence in the verbs section, querer subjuntivo.

Eu digo-te quando eu quiser ir.

For this sentence to make sense for me I am expecting, the first cluase to be “Eu vou dizer-lhe/ te.” or “eu lhe direi”…ie indicativo futuro ?

Can someone help ?

Many thanks

Olá, @dbuachalla. It would also be correct to use the future tense directly, but we usually don’t, because we’re used to using present-tense conjugations with a future outlook. It’s simpler and the message is well understood anyway. This is discussed in this Learning Note: Talking About the Future in Portuguese

So, this is the most common option:
Eu digo-te quando eu quiser ir. (present tense)

These are also correct, but less common:
Eu vou dizer-lhe/te quando eu quiser ir. (compound future tense)
Eu dir-te-ei/dir-lhe-ei quando eu quiser ir. (simple future tense - extremely formal/stuffy)

Thanks Joseph.

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