Prepositions dessa / essa / etc

I’m repeating some lessions. Now the prepositions. But now I don’t understand why it is for exemple ‘Eu lembor-me daquelas ferias’

Why ‘daquelas’ It is not I remember me ‘of’ this holidays? Why not 'aquela?\

@Johan1412, lembrar is one of those verbs, like gostar and esquecer, that typically require the preposition de to connect to the object that follows them. Looking at it from an English-speaking mindset won’t help, because it won’t seem logical (“remember of this”, “like of that”, etc.), but it sounds perfectly fine for Portuguese speakers.

  • Eu gosto de sopa. (I like soup)
  • Tu lembras-te de mim? (Do you remember me)
  • Ela esqueceu-se da data. (She forgot the date)

thank you Joseph. I have got to remember this. Obrigado.

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