Preposições “por” e “para”

These two prepositions will be the death of me. I have some lovely charts and examples my teacher made for me but I still confuse the two when speaking. I stop when speaking and visualize the chart in my head, but that doesn’t make for easy/polite conversation. Does anyone have a way (unusual or standard method) they learned how to properly use these prepositions?
Obrigada a todos!


Hi @Paige.

This is the best thing I found to learn the difference. It’s all about practicing and studying. One piece of advice I can give you is to try to not think about the translation to English. I know that’s hard but extremely important.

Good luck.


Thank you for this. It is extremely difficult for me…I’m a language arts teacher for deaf kids. Needing to know how languages work is essential to me (almost to a fault). Thanks again, I appreciate it.