Precisar de .... when not to add the 'de'?

I understand that some verbs need to be followed by prepositions and that precisar is followed by ‘de’, as in: eu preciso de trabalhar.

My review sentences currently have some examples without the ‘de’. For example: O que preciso fazer? and Estou a aprender a língua e preciso praticar.

I can’t see anything to distinguish the sentences without the ‘de’ from the many more examples with it. Any guidance much appreciated.

I feel that this is a topic that might have been addressed before, but I couldn’t find anything. Apologies if I’ve missed something.

Olá, @coljay. When precisar is followed by a verb in the infinitive, it is grammatically acceptable to add or omit the preposition de. In European Portuguese, we do have a preference for keeping the de, but it might still be dropped on occasion. In Brazilian Portuguese, it’s usually omitted :slight_smile:


OK, thanks. That’ll explain why I couldn’t see a pattern!

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