Portuguese language discussion and meet up in Lisbon

Hi all,

I am learning Portuguese and am still at a beginner level. I started learning on the Practice Portuguese last year and have been living and working in Lisbon for 9 months now. I am an Irish/UK expat.

I have been thinking lately it would be good to meet with other people in Lisbon who are learning the Portuguese language as I am…to maybe meet up at a cafe…now that things are opening up again and the lockdown has lifted. If anyone is interested in maybe meeting up and practicing our Portuguese together and perhaps an opportunity to make new friends?

If interested, please let me know. All the best.

Hello Michael,

I’m living in Lisbon near Principle and very much a beginner. I would be interested in meeting and see if we could support and learn more together.


Hello Morgan,

I live in the Intendente area of Lisbon and would like to meet with you. Perhaps at one of the cafes in Baixa Chiado? I do not really mind where. A weekday or weekend is fine with me. Whatever suits you. Let me know.

Hi! We could meet near the Cais do Sodré station. Several places in that area we could meet. How is Wednesday? At 10:30 or after?

Hi. Yes, it is possible with me. I can meet you near Cais do Sodre station on Wednesday at around midday - 12 pm if that works for you?

Yes, I can do noon. Are you on WhatsApp? I can send you a QR to connect.

I have WhatsApp on my phone but am not familiar with QR to connect. I do not know how that works?

Hello Morgan,

If you want to confirm if you can meet me at the Cais do Sodre station tomorrow around noon? If you want to provide specific detail of the meeting point, I can meet you there? As I said before, I am not familiar with the QR but I do have WhatsApp. I hope to hear back from you soon. All the best.

Hi Micheal, despula, I was out all day. I did try to reply and it went to the help desk. Yes, if you haven’t made other plans. We could meet in front of the timeout building.


Hello Morgan, yes I can meet u at front of Timeout building- around 12-12:30. I have on red converse shoes and wearing an English cap.

Okay. I’ll see you then! I’ll be in jeans and a striped blue and white top.

Hi Michael. Are you still meeting up to learn Portuguese in Lisbon? I would very much like to join you if you are. Joanna