Portugal and Food (& Vegan Options)

Also http://www.rtp.pt/programa/tv/p31406/e43

Double duty - listening practice and a primer on the types of foods eaten. Includes Vegan…

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Há muitos episódios sobre outros tópicos. Tento ver um episódio por dia.

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With apologies to the vegetarian members of this forum

A cozinha de Portugal tem vários pratos com nomes curiso, especialmente quando eles são escritos em Inglês. Um menu tipico Português pode ser:-

Sopa de Perdra. Stone soup, a hearty bean and sausage soup, there is a stone in every bowl! Almeirim is the birthplace of the folk story on which this soup is based. I went to one of the many stone soupe restaurants in the village and found the soup to be very tasty. The folk story is too long to relate here but is easily found on google.

Secretos de porco preto. Discover the mysteries of the black pig in this dish. At it’s best this is an excellent dish. The best I have had was in a restaurant in the village of Pias in the Alantejo.

Baba de camelo. Why not finish your Jantar Português with a bowl of camel drool/spit? I don’t know the origin of the name of this dish, but it is a very popular dessert in Portuguese restaurants.

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Ps. I’ll take some baba de camelo though :dromedary_camel:

A current video, from Expresso, on vegetarian and vegan trends in Portugal, as well as the world. Very interesting and hopeful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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