Portugal and Food (& Vegan Options)

Also http://www.rtp.pt/programa/tv/p31406/e43

Double duty - listening practice and a primer on the types of foods eaten. Includes Vegan…

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Muito giro, @stephencanthony! Obrigado! Isso é muito interessante e útil! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Há muitos episódios sobre outros tópicos. Tento ver um episódio por dia.

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With apologies to the vegetarian members of this forum

A cozinha de Portugal tem vários pratos com nomes curiso, especialmente quando eles são escritos em Inglês. Um menu tipico Português pode ser:-

Sopa de Perdra. Stone soup, a hearty bean and sausage soup, there is a stone in every bowl! Almeirim is the birthplace of the folk story on which this soup is based. I went to one of the many stone soupe restaurants in the village and found the soup to be very tasty. The folk story is too long to relate here but is easily found on google.

Secretos de porco preto. Discover the mysteries of the black pig in this dish. At it’s best this is an excellent dish. The best I have had was in a restaurant in the village of Pias in the Alantejo.

Baba de camelo. Why not finish your Jantar Português with a bowl of camel drool/spit? I don’t know the origin of the name of this dish, but it is a very popular dessert in Portuguese restaurants.

Bom apetite!


Apology accepted :innocent:

Ps. I’ll take some baba de camelo though :dromedary_camel:

A current video, from Expresso, on vegetarian and vegan trends in Portugal, as well as the world. Very interesting and hopeful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Recentemente, eu aprendi que no Brasil, também têm uma sobremesa nomeada baba de moça–igualmente nojento, não é? :speak_no_evil:

Como você sabe, os portugueses têm um gosto por doces. Dizem uma dente doce. Em Portugal, eu amo Molotov, que é muito, muito doce.

Não conheço, mas espero que o nome não seja a descrição literal do doce :grin:

Molotov é demasiado doce para mim, mas é muito popular.

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my favourite food on earth is bacalhau a bras made with leeks instead of bacalhau (when i first moved to portugal i overdosed on bacalhau- ate it at pretty much every meal- that we switched it up a bit.) i’m trying to find a good way to replace the egg to make it vegan. I’ve not eaten it in a while and i’m drooling at the thought of it :sweat_smile:
Also soup, you cannot beat a portuguese soup… i live near almeirim but haven’t tried the sopa de pedra as i’m veggie…
As for cakes, there’s a reason i gained 5kg when i moved :grimacing:

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Hi, @Mayapapaya! I love your name! :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure how the egg is used in your recipe, but you could try these vegan alternatives, perhaps:

Or, for the equivalent of 1 real egg, add 1 Tablespoon of ground flax seed [sementes de linhaça moída] mixed with 2.5 Tablespoons of water; mix and let sit for about 10 minutes until it thickens.

How in the world does one make vegan “bacalhau” with leeks? I’d love to try making it. Sounds fascinating!

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Hi everyone, I’ve been vegan for the last 6 years and have noticed far more vegan restaurants/menu options appearing in the last few years. I always rely on Happy Cow app to find me somewhere suitable, it’s never let me starve. One difference I’ve noticed in both Spain and Portugal is that vegans generally need to eat in separate restaurants, far less options are available in meat serving establishments, which does make it tricky when dining with friends. In the UK nowadays even the most carniverous places will generally have something. Maybe it will take time for that Law to take effect! Found a great vegan restaurant in Lisbon last year, can’t wait to get back there!!

Vegan Pecan and banana pancakes from O Botanista, Lisboa


Hi @misteri2511, I’m not vegan but I do like to eat vegetarian often, which is difficult in Portugal as in most places.

This vegetarian restaurant in Guimaraes, however, is fantastic.If you’re ever near Guimaraes you should try it, but it’s not cheap!


Thank you @patrickmcmahon5544 I’ve marked Cor de Tangerina on my app! Never been to that area but hopefully one day.

Hi, it’s pretty much used to bind the palha together. It’s really easy to make, you need a huge pan though and it’s a killer on the arms to stir! First you fry down the leeks (1/2 large ones,) 2 ish cloves of garlic and 1 large onion in olive oil when they’re nice and soggy add in the palha (you need A LOT, i think we normally use one and a half large bags) mix it all together then add the scrambled egg (obviously replace this!) and cook until egg is done. A couple of recipes come up when you search Alho Francês à Brás vegan.
i am finally going back to portugal on friday and minha sogra is making it for me for my first lunch back :drooling_face:

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Hi, I am not a big fan of fish especially when it still has the head etc on it. However, I do like some when I dont have to do the preparation first. Can someone tell me how to ask the lady in the fish market to do the top and tailing etc for me when I buy it please? Obrigada.

@dianepeake49 We can use a few different verbs for this:

  • Pode limpar o peixe?
  • Pode arranjar o peixe?
  • Pode amanhar o peixe?
  • Pode preparar o peixe?

There are probably even more options, hah. To be more specific, just translate what you need, because there are no special expressions to use (as far as I know, because I’m not a pro in buying and handling fish!). For example, if you want them to get the heads off, you could just say something like “Pode tirar/cortar a cabeça?”.