Portugal and Covid-19: Fears, Comments, Thoughts

Thank you David2019 for your kind remarks. Worrying times but have to try and look on the bright side.
Stay safe.

Ah! A piada foi muito clara, eu só não percebi que era feijão com molho de tomate, em vez de feijão e molho de tomate (um produto combinado, não dois produtos separados). :slight_smile: Obrigado.

Hi all! I very much appreciate the comments in this post, and thanks for creating it, @David2019. I agree that we don’t want to turn this into another chaotic Facebook, but as language learners, residents/appreciators of Portugal, and an overall intelligent community of great people, I think threads in this forum could be useful and a bit different than what you’d find elsewhere.

I wanted to chime in here with regards to the tough decision of whether or not to include coronavirus-themed content on our site. On one hand, no one should turn to us as a source of news on the topic, but as it’s something that is affecting everyone’s daily life, we also don’t want to ignore it completely.

@Molly has been working carefully and thoughtfully with our Shorties writers to come up with some articles and dialogues that you’ll start to see coming out over the next few days.

We will start tomorrow with a simple article with an overview of the coronavirus, just as a vehicle for learning some of the important vocabulary, (although @David2019 has already done an excellent job of putting together a list in his post above, obrigado!)

We also have some Shorties coming up that focus more on the daily life of different characters in quarantine and helping neighbours etc. Our goal is to have the content be thoughtful and very relatable, while doing our best to stay away from the politics and fear that surrounds the pandemic. We want people to feel that PP contributes something positive to their life, but that doesn’t mean we need to avoid the theme completely, nor make too much light of this serious situation. Hopefully you’ll find we’ve struck a good balance!

For those of us who would prefer we avoid the topic completely, don’t worry – most of the upcoming Shorties aren’t corona-related.

Lastly, since hopefully most of you are spending as much time at home as possible and have extra time on your hands, we have increased our Shorties launch schedule from the previous 2-3 per week to 7 (daily), at least for the next while (or until we run out of money :joy:)

We are very lucky to be a business that is run by remote freelancers, so not much will change. As a member, you are currently supporting about 10 incomes that rely either partially or entirely on PP. We will keep working hard for you throughout this challenging time to support your European Portuguese learning goals.

As they’re saying, “fiquem em casa!”


Very sensible Joel…except for the f reference!

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Hi, @joelrendall

This is a wonderful assessment and evaluation of the issue that you have come up with and presented here! It is the most sensible approach imaginable, and thanks for deciding to take this action!

At the time I thought about including the coronavirus topic, there was nothing at all, so there were probably more members than just myself who were wondering if or how it should be handled in the Forum, since it was something drastically affecting Portugal.

I am completely supportive of how you are deciding to handle the topic and, once again, many thanks to all of the PP crew for their remarkable efforts and product! :slightly_smiling_face:

Muito obrigado!


fiiiiine I’ll edit it :innocent:

Call me old fashioned Joel…!
Go safe all you folk at PP.

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There is a lot of mis-information doing the rounds so this may or may not be so BUT, because it suits me to believe that my moderate daily consumption of Portuguese wine and Maciera here in Blighty, may help ward off the dreaded virus, I have decided to refer the reader especially to the very last para in the report.

En relación a la emergencia del COVID-19, la Federación Española de Enología ha recibido numerosas solicitudes de los miembros y otras categorías profesionales sobre diversas cuestiones, entre ellas la contaminación del vino, la contaminación de los envases, la limitación de los efectos del vino en la acción del virus.

A este respecto, con la debida precaución, debido a que se trata de un nuevo virus, FEAE, tras un debate con importantes representantes de la comunidad médica y otras asociaciones internacionales de enólogos, señala lo siguiente:

La supervivencia del virus en el vino parece imposible porque la combinación concomitante de la presencia de alcohol, un ambiente hipotónico, y la presencia de polifenoles, impide la vida y la multiplicación del propio virus.
La contaminación por el embalaje parece ser muy remota, si no estadísticamente inexistente, también en vista de la corta vida del virus y la ausencia de un positivo huésped vivo «biológico».
El consumo moderado de vino, vinculado al consumo responsable, puedo contribuir a una mejor higiene de la cavidad bucal y la faringe, esta última zona donde anidan los virus durante las infecciones.

For those few of you who need it here is the English translation thanks to Google.
n connection with the emergence of COVID-19, the Spanish Federation of Enology has received numerous requests from members and other professional categories on various surveys, including contamination of wine, contamination of packaging, limitation of wine effects. in the virus action.

In this regard, with due caution, due to the fact that it is a new virus, FEAE, brings back a debate with important representatives of the medical community and other international associations of winemakers, as follows:

The survival of the virus in wine seems impossible because the concurrent combination of the presence of alcohol, a hypothetical environment, and the presence of polyphenols, imposes life and multiplication of the virus itself.
The contamination by packaging appears to be very remote, if it is not statistically non-existent, also in view of the short life of the virus and the absence of a positive “biological” living person.
The moderate consumption of wine, linked to responsible consumption, can contribute to a better hygiene of the oral cavity and the pharynx, the latter area where viruses are infected during infections.

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Graças a este confinamento actual eu estou a aprender como utilizar Whatsapp.

Eu ajudo o meu neto fazer os trabalhos de casa -ele envia-me Imagens do livro dele e nós falamos por teléfono (Whatsapp). Eu ensino-lhe francês e matemática e ele ensina-me como utilizar Whatsapp!

Outro coisa que estou a fazer é pintar a nossa mesa e cadeiras do jardim. Eles são muito velhas e eu ia quiemá-los, mas todas as lojas estão fechados e não posso comprar outras. Encontrei umas latas velhas de tinta no garagem e estou a pintar as cadeiras - cada cadeira um cor diferente.

Due to this lockdown I have learnt how to use Whatsapp. My grandson sends me pictures of his homework questions and I help him - I teach him French and Maths and he instructs me how to use Whatsapp on my wife’s phone :grinning:.

I’ve also been painting the garden table and chairs. I was about to get rid of them but now I can’t buy any garden furniture or materials to build new ones. I found some old tins of paint of various colours and now the garden is starting to look like a hippies commune.

I’m really glad to be living in Portugal – things generally seem much calmer than the UK, where the press is having a field day with hysterical headlines and the mood is turning ugly.

There has been some very irresponsible reporting, and I thought I would share the following links in case they are helpful in providing a more balanced view. Please censor this post if it’s inappropriate, but I am concerned that the combination of isolation and panic is going to do people more harm than the virus itself.

Olà @alison

Eu não posso concordar que o humor na Inglaterra é ‘feio’ e não concordo com o artigo do dia 14 Mar 2020.

No dia 14 Mar os cientistas britânicos também pensaram que o virus era fraco e devemos permitir que o virus se espalhe para que desenvelvomos ‘herd immunity’. Depois eles se deram conta que haveria 250,000 mortes sem a intervenção do governo.

Para mim, me-intereso na situação em França porque eles são nossos vizinhos e tenho amigos em França. Até à data, morreram 24 médicos de Covid-19 e ontem uma joven de 16 anos (without underlying medical conditions) morreu.

Keep safe, Patrick (with a little help from Google translate)