Podcast from Antena 1 - Jogo da Língua

Hi everyone !

I was listening to portuguese Radio online and I’ve just discovered a very interesting Podcast.

https://www.rtp.pt/play/p698/jogo-da-lingua ( It know if it’s by my side but unfortunately the website seems to have a problem to loading the others files )

It seems to be very usefull and teach you one of the best way to correctly speak portuguese in addition to your learning day.

Hope it’s helps !


Thank you for the link. She speaks too fast for me and there is no written language nor translations to fall back on. But it does not hurt to listen, even if I only get a few words!

Oh this is awesome! I need something like this to just get more exposure to the language. Thank you!

I agree with @hscharnhorst above that it is more for an advanced level.

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Thanks, @Julie.Helena. I hadn’t heard about it before, but it seems to be almost like an audio-only version of a RTP TV program, or well, segment, called “Bom Português”: https://www.rtp.pt/play/p88/bom-portugues

In this case, the TV program might be more helpful than just the podcast, since you do have a visual reference to know exactly which words are being discussed. But the idea is the same on both sides :slight_smile:


Oh! I didn’t know this progam thank you for sharing. And yes it’s for more advanced level. But in fact I was very suprised to understand most of the sentences. ( maybe because I’m used to hear Portuguese) and I wanted to share it with you all in a hurry. I will be more careful in the future and continue to find some programs like this. :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently come across another interesting RTP podcast:
"1001 Razões para gostar de Portugal"

Each episode is an interview on a particular topic concerning Portuguese culture or history.
It can be challenging because the interview is down a phone line, but it’s very interesting nonetheless!

By the way, they’re currently only up to reason no. 122! :roll_eyes:


Oh, this is very interesting. And the list is way more diverse than I expected; they have a little bit of everything there :slight_smile: Still, I wonder how they’re going to make it to 1001!

I was immediately drawn to no. 101 - Alcoutim. It’s one of my favourite places.
I love the Vale do Guadiana :grinning:

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They do not load for me.

Thanks @Joseph - those are great, little snippets of learning! @Julie.Helena - I seem to have the same issue that others may have had when I clicked thru on the link you provided at the top of this thread - message said the the content was not available (perhaps not available in North America?).

Excellent @Jeremy - thanks for these!!!. And to think they’re only 12% of the way thru; I can catch up and stay abreast of them in no time! :wink:


It seems the link or the website is broken. I’m sorry. Should I put off the link or some admin lock my thread?

All is well. I just wanted to be sure it was not me that was broken, ha ha!

Oh yeah, the link seems not to be working anymore, but it was fine when you first posted it. No need to lock the thread, there are other good contributions all throughout that are also worth discussing :slight_smile:

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It’s all worth considering, even the ones that don’t work. I usually check out everything suggested, even if I find it unsuitable. Most of the stuff is just too complicated. So I keep looking for stuff that “fits” me. Thanks for all the suggestions folks!