Please identifying the words

Can you please help me here?

I can’t understand what they are saying. Listen to the audio while reading the script, I’m looking for the words that should replace the XXXXX.

ELA: Dói-me muito a barriga. Deve ser algum problema com a comida. Tu estás bem?

ELE: Estou. Mas a mim nada me faz mal. Sou muito forte. Tu és muito sensível. Quando comes alguma coisa que achas que não te vai fazer bem, ficas logo mal XXXXX. Vou à farmácia comprar alguma coisa para tirar as dores.

ELA: Se XXXXX, é melhor. Achas que isto é uma intoxicação alimentar?

ELE: Acho que não. Acho que estás com muito estress.

For the first one I though that it should be “depois” but that doesn’t sound like the word he is pronouncing it sound more like “deposta” but that’s not the word either. For the second one I have no idea of what she is saying it sounds something like “scadara” or “escadara” or “calara” but that makes even less sense.

Ok the first word is “disposta” “…ficas logo mal disposta”. I went to VLC media player played the audio reducing the playback speed and I was able to catch it. But for the second one… “no way José”, no idea.

Help me please!

Ok finaly I was able to get the other one “calhar”, “Se calhar, é melhor” of course now that I got the word I can here it clearly and all that… bah! shame on me. It was by trial and error.

Much to learn I still have.

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Don’t worry! What you are going through is normal!:blush: