Piratinha do Ar - podcast

Hi, I’ve been listening to a series of podcasts produced by Observador. Its a true story about a hijacking of a TAP flight in 1980 and is really well put together with a narrator who speaks clearly and various people recounting how they were involved in the occurrance. Some are difficult for me to understand but if I listen carefully and repeat I can get most of it. I just wanted to share it with others as I find it truly compelling listening, pushing me to understand more. Here is a link to the first episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgKF1NqR6eI


I second that recommendation; the narrator speaks clearly (although some of the other contributors are really challenging) and it’s an interesting, entertaining listen.
I’m intrigued by the humanity shown toward the hijacker and wonder if there is something particularly Portuguese in there; I think that in many other countries the outcome would have been very different.