Personal pronouns

I have come to this excellent resource after making my way through the Michel Thomas course. It was a great start - but yours is great for dialogue and understanding of real speakers. The Michel Thomas course is a bit dated - perhaps that is the reason - but it effectively dismisses the use of Eu, tu, eles etc. as a Brazilian phenomenon and advises one not to use them, except for emphasis. Have things changed?


Olá, @caixa.nova, and thanks for posting! Personal pronouns are not a Brazilian phenomenon at all; we use them constantly, with or without emphasis. We also omit them just as often, when it’s clear who/what we’re talking to or about.

Você is the only pronoun with some complexity to it. It’s formal in European Portuguese, but informal in Brazilian Portuguese. Also, in Portugal, some people find it blunt or rude to explicitly use the pronoun, so instead, they omit it or replace it with other options, as explained here: Tu vs. Você in European Portuguese