Past tenses of ser e estar

I am struggling with past tenses for ser and estar, both ‘short term’ and ongoing past. I am redoing ball the past exercises for ser and estar and the verbs but it just disappears by the next day. Any tips please

I would recommend doing the verb quizzes here and also adding phrases containing the past tenses of ser and estar to your Smart Review, so you can review on an ongoing basis.

You could also try writing journal entries, writing about your day, or a pretend person’s day, or telling a story from the past, so that it’s all written in these different tenses. If a connected story feels like too much, it could just be individual sentences. Or you could use a sentence from one of the units as a guide. For example, if you start with Eu nunca estive aqui, then you could write it in each person: Tu nunca estiveste aqui, Ele nunca esteve aqui, Nós nunca estivemos aqui, etc…

And here are a few Shorties that contain verbs in the past tense. Sometimes hearing it in context will make it click more.

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I suggest checking out Anki and create an Anki deck for these words. Spatial learning works for many in this situation and Anki is pretty good.