Ontem - how to pronounce

In this lesson: https://www.practiceportuguese.com/lessons/simple-past-2-lesson-4/
you can hear an “u” before the “ontem”- like: “uontem”. When you listen to the “turtle” in slow mode the “u” is not there. Are there more examples of adding an extra vowel like this?

Hello there. I’ve just gone to the page you’ve sent but I didn’t hear an “u” before “ontem”.
Maybe you were refering to the sentence “Eles fizeram bastante comida ontem”? The vowel “a” was read a little bit together with “o”, so it’s kind of tricky…
This is just my opinion:) I think Joseph will come and answer your question soon:) He is professional

@bonas.kneck, the word itself isn’t pronounced with any extra ghost vowels, but as @Jessica said, with the proximity of other vowels in preceding words, you might occasionally hear some effects like that, depending on the speaker. Ideally, it should just be “ontem”, with a closed O. You’ll also hear people pronounce it with an open O (less ideal, but also common).

Thanks Joseph and Jessica :slightly_smiling_face: