Online Portuguese-English Dictionary

Just wondering if anyòne is using an online Portuguese- English dictionary geared specifically for European Portuguese. I use Google translate from time to time, but it seems to be geared to Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks.

Hi there,
I use “Reverso Dictionary.”

Linguee for me: the android app has audio files for pronunciation (Brazilian and EU-PT).

There’s also: if you want a PT (PT to PT… not English) dictionary, as well as


I use an app on my iphone (it also has an android version) that has a very good Portuguese-only dictionary. It is called Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa, and the editor is Porto Editora.
I find it to be very complete: it has a large number of definitions for words, including many colloquial and informal meanings.
It is found at:

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Thanks all for these suggestions! Much appreciated.

I recommed this one:
There is more combination then just eng-pt. For example i use verison pl-pt.
You can find there information if the word is brasilian one.
The useful thing is a variation for verbs in one list.