Olá! Looking for a study buddy A1 :)

Olá! Chamo-me Maria.
I have started learning, know the basics, but would already love to connect with someone and keep each other accountable :smiley:
I am thinking of having calls to start putting português words here and there in conversation or going through some topics together - open for ideas!

@maria, bem-vinda! You can take a look at this topic, if you’d like to take part in some group study sessions kindly organized by Jana (@enchantmentunlimited) with several other forum members: Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group?

Olá Maria,
There are some study groups but I’m more interested in one-on-one accountability. It’s hard to feel guilty about not doing your “homework” when its a big group, no one notices.
I live in Portugal but am in the US for a few weeks on the east coast. Portugal is 5 hours behind the east coast so timing might be a problem but lets chat.

Olá Maria, eu quero praticar a conversa com alguém, mais só em português -sem usar outra língua- eu tenho A1 mais posso ter uma conversa. Podemos tentar temas simples ou ler um texto. Eu posso os fins de semana.