Olá from UK, looking for new friends to learn with

My name is Darren from the UK. I have started Portuguese lessons recently and had 4-hour lessons so far and loving every lesson. My main reason for wanting to learn is I holiday in Portugal most at my friend’s villas in a lovely town call Castro Verde, south of Beja. We have been going for over 10years and myself and my partner have agreed when we retired in just over 10 years we would like to do that in Portugal. I always feel embarrassed when we are there as the little town we stay in is not full of tourists and the locals are real locals and not much English spoken but they try so much to understand us and speak basic but we cannot reciprocate. Enough is enough and I have made a commitment to learning Portuguese. My journey has just begun and I am sure it will take many hours and years to learn by I am determined. This site seems a great place to chat with others to make the journey a more enjoyable one. Darren

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