Olá from the United States of America

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I am learning Portuguese now in my 30s to get closer to my Portuguese roots. Both of my parents immigrated to the US from São Miguel, Açores when they were teenagers. For some reason, they did not teach me Portuguese as a kid! Now I find that I have an undeniable urge to connect with this beautiful culture and country. Later this month, my soon to be wife and I will be traveling to Portugal for the first time on our honeymoon! We are visiting Lisboa, Porto, and São Miguel. I have been working on learning Portuguese for at least 6 months now but I know it will take a long time to get comfortable speaking and comprehending. Luckily for me I can practice with my family! Good luck and best wishes to everyone.


Olá, @Brandon-A, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope the honeymoon is perfect. Just be ready for the very different accents you’ll find on each stop :crazy_face: Regardless, I’m sure it’ll be great to connect with your parents’ roots.

Hi Brandon! Greetings from just outside of Boston (Maynard). Like you, I’m the child of Portuguese immigrants who didn’t work on teaching me Portuguese. I was lucky to have become interested in the language after a trip I made with my Avos when I was 15. I’ve been slowly working on it ever since–I’m 50. Wishing you lots of luck. If you’re ever interested in local practice, let me know.

Olá, everyone. My name is Kim and I live in Virginia. I took Brazilian portuguese years ago and I’ve forgotten it all (well, almost!) so I’m going to learn Continental, as I learned to call it.

I’m glad to see there’s an app to use on my phone when I’m out and about. I learn better by hearing things, so it’ll help a lot.

Good luck, all of you!

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Welcome, @garugaru, and good luck to you as well :slight_smile: We’re here to support if you need us!

Ola from St Johns Florida. Learning Portugese for my upcoming trip in June (17 days)

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Welcome, @jmeche1. I’m sure you’ll have a great trip, hopefully speaking some Portuguese along the way :slight_smile:

Ola from Central Maryland - my spouse are working towards emigrating to Lisbon, Portugal (1-2 years) - we are very excited and have much to learn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: grateful for this great resource! Valeria


Hello! I live near Boston but am spending two months in Faro. I’m learning as much Portuguese as I can so I can really participate in life over here.

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Grew up in Attleboro/Pawtucket area, family landed in Bristol and Warren from Sao Miguel. My Grandparents never taught my parents who in turn nao gostas Falar. I am trying to bring it back. My Avo spoke to me when I was little. She is gone now almost 30 yrs. Been self teaching for over 4 yrs. Married to a man from Ireland so no luck there…lol. Parabens on the wedding!

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Welcome and thanks for posting, @weefifer and @tandrmom1!