Olà from South Wales

Ali here, resident of South Wales in the UK, just starting with the programme. Have been visiting Portugal most summers since 2010 (Western Algarve) and have a huge love for the country. In fact, I’m writing this on holiday in Praia da Luz at this very moment! I’m acutely aware (to my eternal embarrassment) that my Portuguese is very little more than please and thank you, and even then, most folk’s English is so good out here that they pick up on my terrible pronunciation and speak back in English anyway! I really want to be able to converse more freely in Portuguese, not least to give me the freedom to branch out beyond the Brit-zones of the Algarve and to respect my hosts in their native tongue. I’ve tried approaches like Duolingo in the past but the Brazil-focus has not been helpful - also seemed to spend most of my time talking about apples and water! Giving this a try in the hope that next year I will be able to put it to the test with more success and confidence. Also planning a short break to Porto later this year so ample opportunity if I can get this right.

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Hey there, @daddyali.mccormick, and thanks for posting! I’m in Albufeira myself at the moment :sunny: Hoping you can show off some newfound language skills in your future summer holidays in Portugal.