Olá from Dundee

Hello, there!

I’m Will, a writer from England but now living in Dundee. I’ve been intrigued by Portuguese for a while (I am a huge fan of Saramago), and so I’ve decided to take the plunge.

I speak a few other things: Chinese pretty well, French not so well, Bulgarian quite badly, some Burmese. I’m really liking Practice Portuguese so far, although I’m starting from total beginner. It’s nice to be working on a new language.

I’m looking forward to connecting.

Olá, @willb! Thanks for posting and for the nod to Saramago, who is also probably my favourite writer (Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira :heart: ). You have an interesting combination of spoken languages - I wonder how that happened!

Chinese was something I started for fun, and then got sucked in. Language-wise, it is probably my biggest love (so far…). No verb conjugations! What’s not to like? :laughing:

I’ve lived in both Bulgaria and Myanmar, and have been working on fun projects in both places, so that’s why I speak some of both Bulgarian and Burmese.

As for why Portuguese…. at this stage, it’s mainly curiosity (and my love of Saramago).

Really interesting!

Oh, Portuguese is the complete opposite… I hope you survive it :smile:

50-odd verb forms? How hard can it be? (Cue the sound of gentle sobbing, somewhere off-stage)

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cheers , new joined member from Melbourne , vic australia !