Olá From Canada!

Olá, chamo-me Travis. Eu sou canadiana.

I will be visiting Portugal for a few weeks in July 2022 with my 11 year old son. Ele chama-se Ryker.

We would like to learn as much Portuguese as we can by the time of our trip so we can get the most of the experience. I have been taking some more lecture based courses as well which I have found helpful, but I love the interactive format of this program, especially for practicing with a kid! I think that it will be very beneficial for him and I to both learn together! He will probably learn faster than I will so he can teach me!

The biggest challenge that I am having so far is separating myself from what I know in French and Spanish to re-learn those words and phrases in Portuguese. I keep getting words mixed up between the three languages. I am by no means fluent speaking French anymore because I haven’t actively used it since I went to French Immersion school as a kid in Canada, and I only know the Spanish that I picked up along the way through my travels in Central America, but I still find it hard to move those words to the back of my mind to fit new ones in!

We are very much looking forward to learning Portuguese and putting ourselves to the test in 6 months!


Travis & Ryker
British Columbia, Canada.


Welcome and thanks for posting, @trtonge! I hope you succeed in your learning journey and that you both get to show off your skills come July '22 :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! As a public educator for 31 years, I think you are right about your son learning quickly! What areas will you be visiting?

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