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I’m a US Citizen about to marry my Portuguese fiancée in Portugal in a few months. Sounds like I’ll need some official documents like my birth certificate officially translated in to Portuguese as part of this process.

If anyone happens to have recommendations/experiences with in-person, official document translation services I’d love if you could pass the info my way in this thread.

I’ll mainly be in Leiria and Nazaré but can travel wherever needed.


Olá, @chuggingcoffee. If I’m not mistaken, in Portugal, translators are not certified in a way that makes all of their translations automatically official. If required, a translator always needs to ask a notary or lawyer to certify their translation (if you don’t ask a notary/lawyer/etc. to translate it themselves). The website of the US embassy in Portugal has a listing of local translators/translation services which you can use as a starting point in your search: Translators - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal (

On the other hand, based on the info on this government website (Documentos estrangeiros |, documents in English, Spanish or French don’t always need to be translated. The link contains a listing of locations where documents in these languages should be accepted, but it’s not clear to me if this applies only to documents issued within the EU or from any country - maybe something you can confirm directly with them.

Olá, Joseph! Thanks for the response and taking the time to help bring me up to speed a bit more. Between all the research for various aspects of my upcoming next year, I’m starting to go a little crazy. I absolutely missed the link to translators on the embassy site somehow, so I appreciate it.

Half the time the US sites will say one thing, the Portuguese sites won’t match exactly (but just close enough to make you question everything you’ve ever read :slight_smile: ), and then my fiancée will directly ask someone at an agency in Portugal and they say a third version which doesn’t even match the Portugal sites. Haha. It’s been an adventure!

Thanks again for the response.

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Welcome to the beautiful world of Portuguese bureaucracy… it’s a wild ride :sweat_smile: Also, happy to help. Best of luck!