Off-line practice?

Hello friends,

We are going to have several long-distance flights on the next few weeks and we wondered if there is any way to use PP off-line, or if not, are there any off–line tools that people like to use?

Thanks in advance.

Bill & Emily

Olá, @billt4. The audio and transcripts for the Shorties/podcasts are available offline. Visit an episode you’d like to download, click the Downloads tab on the episode player, and use the links to download the mp3 audio and pdfs you would like.

Unfortunately, the other parts of the site, such as the lessons in the Unit section and Smart Review, require you to be online. We have a few printables here and there (regular verb endings, numbers), but we don’t have printable versions of the lessons.

By the way, if any of your flights are with TAP, you should find some Practice Portuguese content as part of the in-flight entertainment :slight_smile:

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