NIF during Covid


Does anybody know how to obtain a NIF (for a EU citizen) currently? I apologize if somebody has already asked this question. I have tried to look it up online, but there seems to be a lot of different information around (some say via email, some say try and get an appointment via phone, others say to appoint a Portuguese resident to get the number…). They apparently don’t take walk ins at the moment, which is understandable. I will be moving to Lisbon (fingers crossed) in about two weeks and would like to get my NIF as soon as possible. Would appreciate any advice!

Muito obrigada!

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Olá, @Christine! I’ll point you straight to the official source:

Scroll down to Finance - Tax and Customs Authority and expand that section for all the information you should need :slight_smile:

Thanks Joseph, much appreciated!

Sorry, in all the information I somehow managed to miss the official one :woozy_face:

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No problem. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Does anybody know what questions they ask at a NIF appointment (in Portuguese)? I am still at the beginning of learning, so I can only speak some basics.

I didn’t manage to get an appointment in Lisbon, after calling three times, I was told they actually don’t give any appointments there anymore in the next two to three months.

My company managed to book an appointment in Nazare online. I hope they will still give me the NIF there, even though I am in Lisbon, as otherwise I cannot be paid at work and cannot look for a flat. So I am trying to prepare as best as I can… Any advice beforehand? :slight_smile:

Olá, @Christine. Maybe this overview of the process can help you: Applying For A Portuguese NIF Number

Here’s also an official source of info: Request the Individual Tax Identification Number

I don’t think it matters where you have the appointment, by the way :slight_smile:

Olá Joseph! Eu só falo um pouco de português, mas estou a aprender :nerd_face:
Muito obrigada. I think I am just nervous as it has been very complicated so far and I can’t do anything without my NIF. Just need to be patient. I had read about Portuguese bureaucracy before and thought I was prepared, but maybe not during Corona haha. At least a chance for me to get to see Nazare!