NIF during Covid


Does anybody know how to obtain a NIF (for a EU citizen) currently? I apologize if somebody has already asked this question. I have tried to look it up online, but there seems to be a lot of different information around (some say via email, some say try and get an appointment via phone, others say to appoint a Portuguese resident to get the number…). They apparently don’t take walk ins at the moment, which is understandable. I will be moving to Lisbon (fingers crossed) in about two weeks and would like to get my NIF as soon as possible. Would appreciate any advice!

Muito obrigada!

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Olá, @Christine! I’ll point you straight to the official source:

Scroll down to Finance - Tax and Customs Authority and expand that section for all the information you should need :slight_smile:

Thanks Joseph, much appreciated!

Sorry, in all the information I somehow managed to miss the official one :woozy_face:

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No problem. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Does anybody know what questions they ask at a NIF appointment (in Portuguese)? I am still at the beginning of learning, so I can only speak some basics.

I didn’t manage to get an appointment in Lisbon, after calling three times, I was told they actually don’t give any appointments there anymore in the next two to three months.

My company managed to book an appointment in Nazare online. I hope they will still give me the NIF there, even though I am in Lisbon, as otherwise I cannot be paid at work and cannot look for a flat. So I am trying to prepare as best as I can… Any advice beforehand? :slight_smile:

Olá, @Christine. Maybe this overview of the process can help you: Applying For A Portuguese NIF Number

Here’s also an official source of info: Request the Individual Tax Identification Number

I don’t think it matters where you have the appointment, by the way :slight_smile:

Olá Joseph! Eu só falo um pouco de português, mas estou a aprender :nerd_face:
Muito obrigada. I think I am just nervous as it has been very complicated so far and I can’t do anything without my NIF. Just need to be patient. I had read about Portuguese bureaucracy before and thought I was prepared, but maybe not during Corona haha. At least a chance for me to get to see Nazare!

Hey @Christine ,

Did you manage to sort out your NIF number in the end? If you did, I would be interested to know how!

I am having the same issue - can’t find an appointment face to face but am being directed via the website, and have been advised to use a portuguese resident’s NIF and password to sign in and apply.

We had trouble applying a month ago and ended up using an intermediary, a paid Portuguese advisor. We had to sign notarized documents giving her power to apply on our behalf. Now we have a rented apartment and have to update the address for the NIF. We were able to make appointments in person at our câmara municipal for residency interview. They are for March! Hope this helps as we were going round in circles.


thank you! V helpful

Olá Jules, update - we got a ‘cancellation’ appointment last week and now have our residency certificates. The process of the meeting was completely straightforward. Boa sorte!

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