New online conversation/practice group

You may have seen my other group posted here - Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group? - #91 by enchantmentunlimited (which is still going strong if you’re interested!).

I’m starting a new group just for conversation in Portuguese, Tuesdays at 7pm Portugal time. Since we are just getting going, I’m using dialogues and scripts in addition to freeform conversation so everyone can practice and we can listen to what it’s supposed to sound like (in many cases). If you are looking to improve your speaking and listening skills, come by and check it out.

Right now it’s better for those around an A2 level who need practice speaking and listening as well as conversing, but if more advanced speakers are interested, we can break into groups. So just let me know.

You’re welcome to drop in: or if you’d like email reminders, send me your email at [email protected] and I’ll add you to the email list I use for both groups.

It is free of course, there is no teacher but I lead as best as I can and have tons of materials. I’m always open to what the group wants.

So come and try it, see if it’s a fit. If you’re interested but the time doesn’t work, please email me. I’m open to doing another group. I need all the practice I can get! :smile:



I am interested to join this group. I wrote you an Email.
Kind regards, Katharina

Olá Jana and Katharina, what a great idea! I would love to come and practice chatting in Portuguese. Tchau e bom fin de semana! Bronwen

Awesome, Bronwen! Just go ahead and jump on on Tuesday. If you want the reminder emails, let me know.


I would love to join but am not at A2 yet - in fact I’ve only had 3 1x1 conversation classes so far. Level = Baby Portuguese! :joy: Would you mind if I attended to give it a try and if you think I’m not the best fit yet, you feel free to boot me out?

Hi Emily,
Of course you can come check it out! We are doing some things that make it easy for anyone to participate, and you can always opt out of any part you’re not comfortable with. We talk some about pronunciation as we go, and we talk about any new words we encounter along the way. I think even a baby beginner could benefit.

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Muito obrigada, Jana! I will looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow evening then! Thank you for organizing the group and for giving a baby beginner a chance. :grin:


Bom dia a todos! I would love to join the group. I’ve been learning Portuguese for a while and love the language. I hope to see you all tomorrow.

Hi John,
I got your email and added you. You have the link so we’ll see you tomorrow!

Hi Jana,

Thank you so much!