New Feature: Global Site Search

This one seems basic, but has been a bit challenging and easy to miss! We launched a new global site search at

Super barebones for now, but I’m excited that we now have a way for you to search across all areas of the site at once, including the forum and help docs. You can also toggle on/off filters for different areas of the site.

Best of all, it is blazing fast. Give it a spin and let us know what you think! As long-term members will know, suggestions are always appreciated and happily implemented when possible :slight_smile:

Search for anything - a Shorty topic, a piece of grammar… espero que gostem!


This is very useful and fast, @joelrendall! For example, if somebody remembered seeing the word “guaxinim” in the forum somewhere, they can find it super-fast using this tool! Excellent work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Muito interessante e muito útil. Parabéns pelo desenvolvimento. Para quem quer pesquisar um tópico concreto é realmente poderoso. Boa :slight_smile:

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… just need to improve that default thumbnail for the forum!

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Que bom!!!
Finalmente, é superútil

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How do I get to the search tool after I log in?
Also I tried to search ‘haver’ after choosing a filter (I can’t remember which one) and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

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@lannybezant, the search tool is easy to access from the menu bar, as you can see in the image below (green circle). Maybe there were no results for the filter you chose, but there are several overall. I ran this search without any filters, but even when you do apply filters, you can just click again on them to disable them:

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Thank you Joseph. That was very helpful :+1:


Just a quick update:

  • You can now search all the transcriptions for all episode types (Shorties / Podcasts / Videos). Useful for when you are trying to remember an episode you heard a while back but can’t remember the title, or if you’re looking for the usage of a certain word.

Screen Recording 2020-06-30 at 12.25 PM

  • Portuguese and English are both matched.

  • The searches use word stems. For example, if you’re searching for conduzir, then it can also find matches from different conjugations of that verb.

  • Remember to toggle on the filters to limit the search to specific content types:

Anything other tools/refinements you’d find useful for us to try to add?

ps. As of last week, all episode transcriptions load pretty much immediately, without the previous 10-15s delay that used to slow you down.

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